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5 steps to Facebook Business Page success

Facebook Business Page SuccessWith 750 million active users, Facebook is the world’s largest global social networking site in terms of both the number of users and time spent on the site. Once you have your Facebook Business Page established, it’s time to build your fan base and start interacting with the community.
1. Publish Content Regularly
Establish a regular schedule to post content to your Facebook Business Page. Post regularly (at least 3x per week), but not so much that people are annoyed (no more than twice per day).
A recent study of more than 200 million Facebook fans showed that posts have a shelf life of 22 hours. While almost half of the “likes” occur within the first hour and 20 minutes, 95% of “likes” occur within the first 22 hours. Schedule posts to go out regularly and give each post time to gain traction.
2. Choose Compelling Content to Publish
When you’re just getting started, it’s important to test what kind of content your audience likes to consume and interact with. To create posts that generate high engagement and response while contributing positively to your brand, remember these tips:

  • Be helpful. Provide news and information people will appreciate.
  • Love your fans. Periodically recognize your fans by thanking or congratulating them.
  • Announce new products. Share new product announcements and link to a page on your website with more information.
  • Provide special offers. Give your fans early or exclusive access to deals, offers, discounts, special events, free gift with purchase, or free gift for referrals to thank them.
  • Ask fans to weigh in. Engage your fans and ask for their opinion and feedback.
  • Invite fans to your events. When you have an event, share it on Facebook. Fans will be able to RSVP and share with their friends.
  • Get personal. Let your personality and office culture shine through by sharing tidbits of personal information, stories, or musings to help build trust and let fans know you care.

3. Promote your Page
Now that you’ve seeded your page with some initial activity, promote it and grow your fan base.

  • Promote via your personal Facebook profile by encouraging friends and family to “like” your page.
  • Email friends, family, and customers.
  • Once you’ve reached 25 fans, set up your personalized Facebook URL (learn more about Facebook usernames).
  • Put your Facebook URL on all marketing materials including business cards, flyers, billboards, t-shirts, and even your car.
  • Update your website, email signature, and local business listings.

4. Address Negative Posts and Comments Swiftly
The occasional fan complaint or negative comment is inevitable. Sign up to get email updates when new comments are posted. Responding promptly (within a few hours) to a negative comment is just as crucial as how you respond. If you don’t address the comment in a timely manner, your fans may think you’re not really listening and others could join in to give the issue more attention than it deserved in the first place.
5. Analyze How Your Page is Performing
Log in each week and check out how your page is performing. Key metrics to measure include:

  • Total number of fans
  • New fans per week and over time
  • Number of brand mentions (positive and negative)
  • Number of fan posts, likes, and comments
  • Shared link click-through rates

Remember to keep employees and customers involved and ask for their feedback early and often. The goal is to integrate your Facebook Business Page, and other social media marketing efforts, into the day-to-day experience of interacting with your business, staff, products, and services.


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