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Hearsay Social congratulates James Peregrino



As the manager of customer success at Hearsay Corporation, I love to see how our customers use Hearsay Social and witness the amazing results of their efforts. We recently got an excited phone call from Farmers Insurance agent James Peregrino, who wanted to share some good news with us. Located just across the bay in Pleasanton, James recently visited our San Francisco office to tell us about his success and enjoy some burritos at a team lunch.

James left a 29-year career in the recession-ravaged jewelry business to pursue a career in insurance—a recession-proof industry, he reasoned. Now, just two years later, James has been honored with the Farmers Insurance Agent of the Year award as well as Life Agent of the Year in his district.
James uses Hearsay Social extensively to manage his Facebook business page, and credits Hearsay Social with much of his success: “I estimate 80% of my life insurance leads and 60% of my overall leads come from Facebook.”
Early on, he understood the importance of social networking and began using Facebook to keep family and friends informed of his licensing progress. Through Facebook, they kept up with his schooling and ultimately his success in earning his license.
But the social networking didn’t stop there. Fully licensed and ready to go, his forward thinking created a network of people he could approach for leads. “In fact,” James says, “my first Facebook friend was also my first client. He opened nine policies with me.”
Through Hearsay Social, James was able to provide relevant, meaningful content on his Facebook business page in a matter of clicks, rather than cutting and pasting content and figuring out how to create links. Without Hearsay Social, he wouldn’t have been able to craft the professional image he wanted to project:
“With Hearsay Social I can post compelling, professional content, and join in on global corporate campaigns, which adds validity and credence to my Facebook page. I can also pass along important information in a much more efficient way. I am incredibly grateful that Farmers integrated Hearsay Social.”
The powerful combination of Hearsay Social and Facebook has given him a more personal connection with his customers, and most importantly, its built-in community:
“The ability to use Facebook with Hearsay Social has dramatically improved my business. I am much more accessible to customers, and they are much more open to me. I have gained a new appreciation and understanding of their needs. Hearsay just makes it easy to do what I enjoy. Thank you Hearsay Social!”
We’re glad we could help, James. And from all of us at Hearsay Social: Congratulations!
Chris Andrew, Customer Success Manager

Chris Andrew

Chris Andrew oversees Hearsay's Product, Engineering and Design for Hearsay and is General Manager of Hearsay Relate.

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