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Can't access LinkedIn or Facebook from work? You need Hearsay Social.

If you got here from our homepage, you probably can’t get to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites from your work computer. We know you weren’t trying to play FarmVille. You probably wanted to communicate with your customers or clients, and it can be bad for business when your access is prohibited.

But do you know why you’re blocked? It could be because your company is concerned about compliance regulations.
Financial services companies are held to strict standards by government bodies like the SEC, and self-regulatory organizations like FINRA, to ensure customers and investors are protected. It’s a noble goal, to be sure, but it does make things a little more complicated when you’re trying to use social media to grow your business. This is why your company needs Hearsay Social.
Hearsay Social gets your company compliant so you can get on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more while complying with the Securities Act of 1934, the Investment Acts of 1940, NASD 3010 & NASD 3110, and everything else the SEC and FINRA require. These regulations state what communications need to be archived and for how long, as well as what can and can’t be said in these messages, posts or exchanges. With Hearsay Social, everything that passes through these social media services is checked and archived, so there’s no longer any reason to block your access.
But wait, there’s more. Hearsay Social is not just about compliance. It’s about being effective. Compliance means you’re merely staying out of trouble. We know you want more than that for your company. We make you successful by providing marketing capabilities that help you get started on social media, post engaging content and campaigns, grow your client and referral networks, then measure the results. No other solution out there combines compliance, content, workflow, and analytics. It’s what we do.
So tell the powers-that-be social media is now safe, compelling, and ready for prime time at your company with Hearsay Social. Get ready to use LinkedIn and Facebook from the office (for work purposes only, of course!). But know that we will have you covered whether you are connecting from home, work, or a mobile device.

Steve Garrity

Steve Garrity is an expert in developing scalable enterprise software solutions. In addition to his leadership role at Hearsay, Steve is an investor in – and advisor to – a number of Silicon Valley startups.

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